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With Bell's Fibe ™ Internet, you'll enjoy super-fast speeds of up to 50 Mbps to do everything you love online. In neighborhoods where home fiber is available, you'll enjoy full Gigabit Fibe2 1 Gbps speeds (see for details)

The fastest
Internet Technology

With Bell's Fibe Internet service, you can download shows, songs, and apps to your devices. Share videos on YouTube® and photos on Facebook® in the blink of an eye.

Discover the
best technology

With Bell's Fibe ™ Internet, you have the best Wi-Fi technology for your home. Connect all your devices to excellent network coverage and ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection with the modem included with the service

Go for gigabyte
Optical Fiber Speed

Enjoy a download speed of up to 1 Gbps. In addition, always get a constant speed no matter how many devices are connected. With a growing demand for speed, you'll be ready for the technology of tomorrow.

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Homepage Security

Safe browsing with McAfee ® from Bell

Protect your computer, files and identity with the best protection on the market at no extra cost with all Internet packages. Control when your children can surf the Internet and how long they spend online.

Navigate worry-free with unlimited use

Navigate worry-free with the unlimited use included in some Bell Internet packages. With your unlimited Internet connection from Bell, you never have to worry about your use: download and share at will.


Measure the speed of your internet access

Check the speed of your connection with from Ookla. This free service allows you to evaluate the performance of your Internet access by measuring the speed of sending and receiving data.

Ideal performance for your daily use

With unlimited plans, reduce download time and increase your enjoyment! You can search, browse, download or do whatever you want online at the speed of light.

  • Album Complet (25mb)
  • Vidéo Personnel (500MB)
  • Film HD (3 GO)
  • Jeu Vidéo (32 GO)
  • laptop
    An internet service at its best

    With Bell's Fibe™ Internet, you'll enjoy super-fast speeds of up to 50 Mbps to do everything you love online. In neighborhoods where fiber is available in homes, you'll enjoy total speeds of 1.5 Gbps with Fibe Gigabit2 (see for details)

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    Be directly connected to the network.

    When optical fiber is routed directly to your home, you get an even faster connection. Wi-Fi throughout the house, included in the installation.

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    Advisors near you

    HDirect is a Bell Authorized Custodian. Contact us to discover the offers and the most advantageous packages according to your needs and this, with an exemplary, personalized service and close to you. Call us: 1-855-610-7699

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