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Bell's Fibe TV™ service gives you flawless HD picture quality, the channels you love, easy recording of multiple shows at the same time, and a unique set of features that make your TV experience even better.

HD image quality

Enjoy the largest selection of HD movies, TV shows and TV channels on demand. Watch what you want, when you want it including the latest blockbuster movies and episodes of the most popular TV series you've missed.

The hottest
of HD TV services

With Bell's Fibe TV ™ service, you no longer need to connect each TV to a cable. With the Bell Wireless Receiver, enjoy your TV service anywhere in the house. All you need is an electrical outlet.

4K Ultra HD offers 4 times more detail than full HD

4K ultra HD technology offers four times the detail of full HD. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, you enjoy a clearer picture and richer colors that make what you see look more realistic.

Play back programs in progress

Your show is already started? Want to see an epic and memorable scene again? The Bell Fibe TV Replay feature is available with most major channels and shows. Just look for the replay icon next to the program name. This feature is available at no cost to all Bell Fibe TV customers.

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Up to 320 hours of high definition recording

With your personal recorder, you can record up to four shows at the same time and keep up to 320 hours of your favorite shows.

Check out Bell Fibe Flt TV™

La télé sans câble, sans récepteur

Watch the usual basic channels, such as ICI Radio-Canada, CTV and CBC on the Web. Watch a show on the screen of your choice: computer, tablet, smartphone or Apple TV. No cable subscription, receiver or long-term contract. Up to 500 channels live and on demand.

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Control your TV
from your mobile!

Change channels, pause,
rewind and fast-forward. Turn your tablet
or your phone by remote control.

Watch your favorite channels on your favorite device

At your choice: TV screen,
tablet, cellphone or phone!

Take control
of your TV guide

The essential tool for good management
of your programming.
Manage your TV guide wherever you are.

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    The best 4K and 1080p TV service

    At HDirect we know what you need for non-stop entertainment. With Bell's Fibe TV, discover the best image quality and get access to all the programming you've always wanted.

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    Save even more than with big suppliers with HDirect

    We always want to save you even more per month. Contact us and discover the best offers and promotions from Bell.

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    Advisors near you

    HDirect is a Bell Authorized Custodian. Contact us to discover the offers and the most advantageous packages according to your needs and this, with an exemplary, personalized service and close to you. Call us: 1-855-610-7699

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